These have been some challenging times for us all & now more than ever we have some time & space to come back to centre & prepare ourselves for whatever may lay ahead. Yoga is the perfect anecdote to help you on all levels of your being, & I don't know about you but I am craving some company but most importantly some community. Come &  join me for online live yoga classes in Advanced flow, Yin and Ashtanga.  

It is my hope to inspire you onto your yoga mat, offering a full yoga practice to help lift your spirits. If you are new to yoga or you have a regular established practice, with these online classes you will create more freedom & space in your body & mind, & begin to get curious about just how high you can fly. Together we will develop a practice which builds from where you are now & set some fun challenges so you can look forward to a you; happy & brimming with vitality into 2021 & beyond. 

Much love & I look forward to see you online

Gem xox

APRIL 2021


APRIL 2021

What Yoga Students & Yin Trainees have said so far;

I thoroughly enjoyed the Yin teacher training with Gem. I felt like a sponge enthusiastically soaking up all of the information she gave us, always with a smile & ease. Gem radiates warmth & kindness, & it’s so clear just how much she loves what she does & sharing her gift with us.

Stephanie Gavart (Yin Yoga Teacher 2020)

This was a great Yin teacher training course and I would happily recommend it. I loved the anatomical and energetic body aspects equally and would love to keep learning with Gem in the future!

Anonymous (April Yin TT 2020)

I originally signed up for a face to face course but, due to circumstances, somewhat reluctantly agreed to an on-line course.I loved it! The course was extremely comprehensive, well thought out and researched. The workbooks and reading lists worked perfectly. Although this is a Yin course, the information and knowledge I gained from it can easily be applied to my own style of teaching. The training has me confident that I can design and deliver Yin classes in the future. The training was a good balance of philosophy, anatonomy, posture workshops and practice. Gem is an inspiring teacher. I really liked this course.

Sandra Battles (Yin Yoga Teacher)

Gem was a lovely teacher and provided a superb course online during the challenging lockdown period. She structured the course so that it all made sense, deepening my knowledge of the yin poses, fascia, anatomy, the seven archetypes, Daoist philosophy and the meridians. I feel very prepared to teach Yin and have also used my new knowledge in my own practice.

Ellen Euson (Yoga Teacher)

A beautiful teacher training experience, Gem is so knowledgable and delivers the training with a love and passion for all things Yin. I finished the Yin Teacher Training with all the knowledge and confidence to start my own Yin teaching journey. Gem’s give so much across the All 3 modules, you would be mad not to do your Yin YTT with Gem, let her love of yin yoga become your new passion.

Graham Munro (Yoga Teacher)

Fantastic course, really well structured and presented by Gem who is a fun and enthusiastic teacher with a very in depth knowledge of all things yin…I have learnt so much to enable me to enhance my own practice and develop my teaching. Thank you

Joan Stuart (Yoga Teacher)

A completely different style of yoga to practice and to teach. Personally i have struggled with knee issues following surgery 3 years ago, through practising Yin regularly there is a huge improvement in range of movement and reduced pain within my knee. So personally I can recommend the practice. Since completing the course I have been teaching weekly classes and the feedback has been absolutely tremendous. One student who has practised several forms of yang style yoga practices for many years described it as the best and deepest practice she has ever done. Delighted to have completed this training and have learned so much on a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level.

Kaz Douglas (Yoga Teacher)

My experience of Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Gem was certainly not as expected. With the emergence of Covid-19 and its associated lockdown, our 50hrs moved online. I needn’t have worried though. I was looking to understand the philosophy of Yin, develop my practice and improve the way I share my practice with others; I wasn’t disappointed. Gem’s teaching was fun, interactive and pitched correctly. She was also supportive and available for questions/counsel at any time. I learned so much, and couldn’t wait to share my new found knowledge. I also learned a lot about myself and my own practice, through introspection and journalling. Loved it.

Fiona McGill

Gems yin teacher training has taken my like for yin and tuned it into love. Gem teaches with great enthusiasm and knowledge, showing up each time with her lovely approachable nature making it easy to ask any questions we may have had. She encourages and builds confidence in her students so when we were qualified are ready to fly our own plane 🙂 I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied yin with Gem. Thank you 🙂

Gillian Clerk (Yoga Teacher)

Gem has been my Yoga teacher since the start of February 2018. While I have found Yoga a challenge, I believe Gem’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm as my teacher has been the driving force behind my progress over the last year. Along with a contagious enthusiasm for all things Yoga goes an easy manor, a good sense of humour and seemingly endless patience. The latter much appreciated! Whether you are thinking of taking up Yoga or are already practicing I would thoroughly recommend Gem’s classes.

Steven Blair

” Yin is a wonderful practice and Gemma is an exceptional teacher, generous, fun and sensitive. The course is so well structured and comes from her substantial experience and knowledge. I leaned about yin, anatomy, energy, about teaching, about what my students might need and, as a bonus, I learned so much about my own practice! Thank you Gem, for changing my approach to yoga and bringing more balance into my teaching and my life. I loved every minute of it.” 

Laura Gonzalez (Yoga Teacher)

“Gemma is a very versatile and brilliant yoga teacher. She teaches different styles of yoga and she is very competent in everything she teaches. She is also very knowledgeable in every aspect of yoga. I started practicing with Gemma since 2017 and immensely enjoy being in her class.  For me she is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever come across. She is very genuine and supports her students to develop and grow in their yoga practice. My Ashtanga practice is much better ever since I started practicing under Gemma’s supervision, she will make you work hard and will not stop until your practice is good. Her own practice shows that she works herself very hard to improve her practice. She is constantly new things about yoga and passing it on to her students. I feel very lucky that Gemma is my yoga guru.” Mamta Kanabar

Mamta Kanabar

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage: You know when you find that one hairdresser and you won’t go anywhere else if you can help it? Gemma is this for massage. Pure magic. Plus, the towels smelled like clean laundry and the room was lovely and warm.

Elaine Melville

I’ve probably been to nearly every yoga teacher in Glasgow and Gem is the one for me. Her classes are challenging, yet never out of my depth. Her presence and patience is such a calming force and her intuitive knowledge of the body is always reassuring. I would recommend Gem to both beginners and advanced yogis who are looking for a full-hearted practice in an wholly unpretentious setting. This studio is all about the yoga. However much you put into your practice is how much you will get back. I, for one, appreciate that. Thank you, Gem.

Anna Roszak

Love the Friday evening yin session it marks the end of the work week and leaves me calm, focused and stretched ready for the weekend. The perfect start to the weekend.

C Scade

Gemma is the best yoga teacher ever. She guide you in the position with clarity but she’s also not always too serious. She’s dedicated and I enjoy all her Yoga class, from ashtanga to yin.

I Epifano

Gemma’s Yin yoga class is fantastic, I always feel more relaxed and calm after and it helps restore my body after a week of regular ashtanga practice. I look forward to it every Friday! Gemma is a wonderful teacher and we are lucky to have her in Glasgow!

M Achard Brown

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my partner gave me a choice for a gift. Either a lovely Harris Tweed bag ( I’m crazy about herringbone and Harris tweed) or a massage with Gem. I chose the latter and last Friday I had a 90 minutes massage with her. No amount of harris tweed bags in the world can compare to what I experienced that Friday! I can only say, she does not charge nearly enough for it. I feel like a new person. Every part of my body feels better than ever. Don’t think about it anymore, just book it and go for it! You will not regret it. You’ll be sad that it’s just 90 minutes. Thanks Gem for an amazing experience!

G Carrillo

Gemma is an excellent teacher and really enjoys every minute of your class. I really feel like I benefited so much in a short space of time due to Gemma’s enthusiasm.

J Spence