Gem started yoga in her mid 20’s. A year after moving to Scotland from the Middle East and not long after the birth of her daughter. The past 10 years she has dedicated herself to her practice and became a teacher 6 years ago.

Her yoga journey started with Bikram and then moved into Hot Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. She now practices Ashtanga 5/6 days a week and has a 3 day a week Yin practice.

Gem is dedicated to teaching Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional form as learnt from her teacher KPJAYI Level 2 teacher Cathy Moran, whom she assisted for a number of years before beginning her own evening / Sunday Mysore class at Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow.

She is also an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist and Reiki Level 2 practitioner.

An avid vegetarian and mother to her 15 year old daughter Farah. Gem spends a large part of her time teaching and putting together workshops for those who like to Arm Balance and learn techniques to improve their asana practice. She also loves to draw and read as well as party!! It can’t all be green juice and wheatgrass.