Gem Maryan Yoga

Yoga - Journey to joy

My life has been somewhat different to most. I left school early at the age of 15 because I was two years ahead of myself at school. I'm not sure really what that says... except I was bored of  the educational system and thirsty for knowledge all at once. I lived with my grandmother in my teens who was extremely Spiritual and interested in all things esoteric.

My early life was filled with the desire to dance and move, as a dancer and gymnast I have always been obsessed with movement. I moved to the Middle East in my mid teens and could be found pounding the treadmill everyday as I became obsessed with fitness. I was also obsessed with reading; Prentice Mulford, Carl Jung and Freud, Joseph Campbell, Aldous Huxley. I was just 16 years old at that stage but desperate for knowledge and I can see now how it shaped all my interests, especially alternative living.

A New Life

With the birth of my daughter in my early 20's and running throughout my pregnancy I suffered from a lot of pelvic instability but not just that, I found my body and mental health were in turmoil from the pressure of being a young single mum living far away from home and not feeling very fulfilled within myself.  I needed something else! I had read a lot but had no idea how to implement that knowledge into my everyday life. I packed up and left the Middle East with my daughter to move back to the UK.


I was 25 when I found yoga and it truly has transformed my life. I was in much need of some peace of mind and to find my place in the world outside of motherhood and university. I started to attend yoga classes and it gave me so much relief that I went everyday. Over time I found my love and desire for movement again, coupled with a deep longing to immerse myself in the spiritual tradition of yoga.

I trained to teach in 2011 at the age of 30 with the intention to immerse myself fully into my practice and yoga philosophy, which I have done wholeheartedly ever since.

Yoga has been my life for 15 years now and I can honestly say it has transformed how I live and my relationship with others. Over the years I have learnt to love and nurture my body and I get the added bonus of teaching others how to do the same with the gift of teaching yoga.

Yoga Training

The past 10 years I have trained in Bikram, Vinyasa (including hot vinyasa) Ashtanga and Yin yoga. Today as it stands I practice and specialise in Ashtanga and Yin yoga and also create bespoke classes for those wanting a yoga programme which works specifically for their needs.

I am also a Yoga Teacher Trainer; the last three years running Yin Teacher Trainings which draw upon my dedication and devotion to Yin practice but also my years of teaching and studying energetic and physical anatomy, all those books I read in those early informative years have now found their place amongst many others; I live by those teachings.

Yoga is not about asana for me ... it is wholeheartedly because I want to be off service, my wish is to help others feel the immense joy and fulfilment I have myself found within this practice. My sincere hope is for you to find your own peace of mind for your life, to come to the place that's always been right in the centre of your heart; home to yourself. Yoga can do that

I look forward to you joining me for some classes and if there is anything specific you would like advice with please get in touch by emailing me at [email protected]

For a list of classes and to book please visit the online schedule.

Much love and see you on the mat soon.

Gem xox

Photo of Gem Maryan in Monkey Pose (Hanumansana Pose)