I am an experienced yoga teacher and pracitioner based in Finnieston, Glasgow. I CO-run Finnieston Yoga Shala. I started yoga in my mid 20’s. A year after moving to Scotland from the Middle East and not long after the birth of my daughter. The past 12+ years I have dedicated myself to developing my own daily yoga practice.

Originally I trained with Bikram and taught Hot Vinyasa, Absolute Hot A and Yin. I discovered that Bikram was not enough for my body and I wanted to develop more strength, which led me to Ashtanga. I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for about 6+ years  and I also practice Yin yoga about x3 times a week to keep my body in balance.

I am a mother to my 17 year old daughter Farah. I teach workshops, classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin. I teach 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training for teachers.

I am also an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist and Reiki Level 2 practitioner.

I have trained with the following teachers: Bernie Clark and Diane Betts (Yin Yoga) / Harmony Slater, Philippa Asher and many others (Ashtanga Yoga)

If you would like to learn yoga with me on a 121 basis, you can get more information from my 121 private yoga page or alternatively you can email or contact me directly on 07894 213107. If you are interested in group classes whether you are a beginner or advanced student then please visit our studio website for a list of classes and upcoming workshops.