Morning Pages

Morning Pages

R I T U A L  Every morning I have certain rituals I do: here is one of them … Morning Pages are definitely part of my power hour. That time early when everyone is still sleeping and there is time and quiet to get all the stuff in my head out & clear space for the day.  I am not precious with a journal or anything like that as I think this can become a limiting factor, it ties us up wanting to make things look pretty. I have a simple A4 lined cheap […]

Get Connected – Earthing

Get connected with earthing How are you guys? If your struggling right now with disturbed sleep and intense dreams, or maybe even insomnia over the events happening globally its really important to get outside, take your shoes off and place the souls of your feet onto soil and grass! …Earth. Why? Because the Earth is full of negative charged electrons which help neutralise electro pollution from our environment and reduces inflammation in the body caused by free radicals. It’s not pseudoscience… it’s physics!! Power of connecting … If done for just 15 mins a day […]


TRANSFORMATION As you can most probably tell I love yoga! I love to practice daily, I love to teach. I find that watching students progress and transform physically, emotionally & spiritually gives me in abundance a deep satisfaction which I’ve never felt close to feeling in my many and varied career choices of the past! So it’s win win, (I hope ;)) all around. I also love to read, write and research which is why I’m now doing yoga trainings too.  I believe that transformation occurs when we align our daily actions with the things […]