The Dance of Duality – YIN / YANG

The dance of duality – the meaning in yin / yang The basic premise or meaning of yin / yang can be found in all areas of our day to day lives; We can find it in the simplest of forms; from a simple observation of a cell to the more expansive nature of the cosmos, from microcosm to macrocosm. Everything exists in what can appear to be a duality; of both positive and negative; yin and yang  If we observe light reflecting off an object, we see both the dark and the light. The […]

Gem Maryan Yoga


THE CHALLENGE I deeply love this practice. It has been my rock, keeping me on track many a time. It’s not easy, it’s very challenging most of the time. The mind will say it’s impossible & perhaps elements are, they arise and lead us to doubt or over exaggerate our abilities However, the mind is the biggest challenge of all to overcome – all our conditioning, all the stories we hear about ourselves from outside and from within, they arise and lead us to doubt or over exaggerate our abilities. THOUGHTS – EMOTIONS – BELIEFS – […]

It's not about YOU!!

Teaching Yoga – 5 Rules (It’s not about you!!)

Rule number 1 Its not about you!! l learned this the hard way. Teaching yoga is not about YOU. What do I mean? Well a lot of the time we get caught up about our performance as teachers and find ourselves tormented with questions like: What if they don’t like me? What if I deliver a crap class? What if I don’t know something? What if I am not good enough? This list goes on, but it is all just mental chatter, your brains way of tricking you into thinking that the whole world revolves

incremental progress

The power of accepting incremental progress

A lot of people don’t consider things that evolve incrementally as too spectacular. It seems like people are drawn to the idea of grand breakthroughs, drastic changes, irrespective of who caused them—the bigger, the better. I started Ashtanga in March 2014. I intentionally didn’t gather too much information—the only two things I understood before my alarm went off that first morning were the idea of self-practice (everyone works at their own pace, according to their abilities), and that my new teacher