Stress or Stretch – Yin Yoga

Beyond Fascia Yin yoga works with the fascial system and it is a great practice for those experiencing tightness as the fascia wraps around the entire body and our muscle cells are encased within this tissue; when these tissues become dehydrated they shrink and become tight. It is Interstitial fluid (ECM) which the cells are imbedded within (fills the spaces between cells / tissues are clusters of cells) which helps to create a moist environment, promoting hydration which helps to facilitate the smooth glide of the fascial fibres. Stress or Stretch? However stretching fascial tissue […]

Yin Yoga Sequence | Heart and Hips

Yin Yoga Sequence for the Heart and Hips

Yin Yoga for the weekend: Yin Sequence for Heart and Hips Here is a lovely Yin yoga practice for you to enjoy. If you have never practiced yin before check out the class descriptions which will give you an idea of the benefits of yin yoga practice. How to practice Yin Yoga In Yin yoga we do longer holds than in other forms of yoga practice. I would recommend starting with 2 mins for each pose / 2 mins each side if there are two sides to do. Slowly build your practice time up over […]

Girl doing a yoga pose

Your Body, Your Yoga!

Your Body, Your Yoga. Did you know that your body cannot be opened by force? Your muscles will contract and get tighter, not longer or looser. The way I open my body is with yin yoga … I have spent the past 5+ years practicing 3 times a week alongside my yang Ashtanga practice. Honestly, I think I have got it down to a fine art! But I’m also aware that I have relatively open joints. Once I had learnt how to work through most of my tensile limitation. Your Bones are Your Bones However, […]

Yin Yoga & restorative yoga glasgow

YIN YOGA / RESTORATIVE YOGA … What is the difference?

YIN YOGA / RESTORATIVE YOGA … What is the difference?   This looks pretty easy right? try staying here for longer then 2 mins and you will see that Yin Yoga can be a bit deceiving.   A lot of the time Yin is treated like a restorative practice when it is not. It is quite demanding. Restorative yoga is different, it is about restoring an unhealthy / injured body back to normal health. The poses are similar to Yin yoga poses but more props are used to support the pose in order to restore […]