Stress or Stretch – Yin Yoga

Beyond Fascia Yin yoga works with the fascial system and it is a great practice for those experiencing tightness as the fascia wraps around the entire body and our muscle cells are encased within this tissue; when these tissues become dehydrated they shrink and become tight. It is Interstitial fluid (ECM) which the cells are imbedded within (fills the spaces between cells / tissues are clusters of cells) which helps to create a moist environment, promoting hydration which helps to facilitate the smooth glide of the fascial fibres. Stress or Stretch? However stretching fascial tissue […]

Spirals In Yoga

Spirals in Nature for Yoga

  Connecting Yoga Practice with Spirals found in nature. Nowhere in nature do we find straight lines. . Spirals are everywhere; from the structure of our DNA to the collagen which forms the basis of our connective tissue, the fascial lines and even our bones grow in spirals. They can also be found everywhere from religious architecture and art to ferns, flowers, weather patterns and galaxies. Spirals are prevalent in nature. When we do our practice, it helps to think of the body moving in these spirals. We can create whole sequences based on the […]

Girl doing a yoga twist

Back pain in yoga? Could twists be the culprit?

Yoga and Back Pain. Are you twisting the right way? Something to consider…. The importance of your TVA (aka transverse abs) in twisting is crucial to helping you stabilise your core and pelvis. what is your TVA in yoga terms? Uddiyana bandha (upward abdominal lock). If we twist without this active engagement we can compromise the SI joint (sacroiliac joint) in the lower back as well as the large thoracolumbar fascia which runs the length of the spine and connects the shoulder to the opposite hip. So if back pain is an issue for you […]