Gem Maryan Yoga

Yoga Practice and facing challenge


I deeply love this practice. It has been my rock, keeping me on track many a time. It’s not easy, it’s very challenging most of the time. The mind will say it’s impossible & perhaps elements are, they arise and lead us to doubt or over exaggerate our abilities

Gem Maryan Yoga

However, the mind is the biggest challenge of all to overcome – all our conditioning, all the stories we hear about ourselves from outside and from within, they arise and lead us to doubt or over exaggerate our abilities.


Thoughts create emotions which create our beliefs, we then search for confirmation of those beliefs and if we receive enough confirmation we convince ourselves it must be true!


When we practice, it’s good to be challenged, as these challenges help us to restructure old subconscious programming and create healthier beliefs and acceptance of both our abilities and limitations; because we do have both – duality (positive & negative, yin & yang, dark & light) which are in a constant state of play and procreation.

Once we start the journey of forming beliefs which are deeply true for us … we arrive at our real truth and begin to develop a deep understanding of our values. When we know, accept and understand these values we can come to live our best life.

Practice is not postures, postures are just doorways into knowing ourselves better & giving ourselves the chance to restructure the subconscious and help to settle the nervous system through focused breathing. Yoga is more than just stretching – it’s therapy for the body & the mind ☺️ .

Happy Practicing

Gem x