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Yin Yoga Xmas Special 2.5 Hour Practice

15 December 2019 @ 14:00 - 16:30

Yin Yoga 2 1/2 hour Class In glasgow

Y I N  Y O G A  C L A S S  /  15th Dec  / 2- 4:30pm

I am really excited to be running a lovely long Yin yoga practice. I apologise as it has been up on the schedule for some time but as always my admin skills run a little behind!!

This class will be a lovely long dive into some long held poses for the whole body, especially the yin portion of the body …. yep you got it – THE HIPS 😉

Y I N   Y O G A   B R E A T H

The class is about sharpening our ability to create space in the body and mind through the use of guided breath work before and during Yin poses. We will be using ancient alchemical taoist breathing to develop a deeper inner awareness of the breath to help release tensions in the body and mind during practice. This use of breath helps us to hone our skills in stillness, enabling us to gain insight into the stories our bodies are waiting to tell. These are the stories of our habitual habits, movement patterns, physical fitness, areas of injury & imbalance, our state of mind and the quality of our breath; all a manifestation of our own unique biology and environment.

O U R   S T O R I E S

When we give ourselves time to be still and learn to concentrate our attention in one place, we open the gates for the body and mind to build a connection which in turn will show us the path of balancing what is out of balance. For example perhaps we have an old knee injury and are experiencing stiffness around this area … we continue to actively focus on building strength but perhaps have neglected to stress the area and that stiffness has now become limited joint mobility, which we feel even in simple seated positions or daily persistent aches. Perhaps we have had a super hectic schedule for the past few months and have noticed we are getting every bug doing the rounds, our immune system is compromised; we need to slow down but just keep pushing ourselves through. This class is our chance to actively pay attention in a gentle way, and listen with an open compassionate heart for what we really need and then allow that balancing, healing to take place. This is a chance to nurture what we avoid … the sore, achy, physical and emotional spots.

F I N D I N G   S P A C E

In Yin practice we don’t look for depth of shape, it is not about how far one can push, this is about space. Space to be still, space to listen, space to dive deep into what you hear without reacting, justifying, escaping. Space to enable smooth mobility of ones joints. When the body is spacious the mind is able to rest; no longer concerned with pain, discomfort or injury whether physical or emotional. We allow moments of peace and clarity to arise within us and we find that we have become comfortable in stillness.

T A O I S T   I D E A S   O N  S P A C E

It is believed in Taoist philosophy that when movement reaches its extreme, stillness will emerge. In stillness Yin is born. Movement and stillness follow each other and it is this Yin/Yang which form the force of creation. Life itself! It is this union of Yin/Yang which gives rise to the 10,000 things. These 10,000 things are believed to procreate and make their contribution to the many forms of existence. The origin of existence of these two dualities is called Wu-Chi which in Taoist philosophy can be thought of as ‘The Void, Infinite, SPACE’

T H E   P R A C T I C E   D E T A I L S  
Come and join me on Sunday 15th 2-4:30pm and dive deep into the practice of yin yoga, learning the art of spacious stillness and breath in this 2 1/2 hour Yin yoga class. Please note that the class is not for beginners to Yin yoga. If you are new to the practice I highly recommend beginning with the Monday or Friday shorter 1 hour practices.

As this will be one of the last Yin classes of the year I will be making some homemade Chai tea and vegan chocolate cake 🙂 yum!!!

Class price is £15. You can sign up by clicking the link below



15 December 2019
14:00 - 16:30
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