Get Connected – Earthing

Get connected with earthing

How are you guys? If your struggling right now with disturbed sleep and intense dreams, or maybe even insomnia over the events happening globally its really important to get outside, take your shoes off and place the souls of your feet onto soil and grass! …Earth.

Why? Because the Earth is full of negative charged electrons which help neutralise electro pollution from our environment and reduces inflammation in the body caused by free radicals. It’s not pseudoscience… it’s physics!!

Power of connecting …

If done for just 15 mins a day … you will find you sleep better, feel more connected to life, feel calm and just generally a lot more alive. Rubber & plastic soles shoes ruin this connection … keep your socks on (only if 100% cotton) if you don’t want to get your feet dirty and spend that bit of time we are allowed outside getting connected to your roots.

Meridians: kidney & bladder line

In TCM the K1 (kidney meridian) starts at the sole of the foot … the kidney line is connected to our adrenals & is responsible for looking after the kidney & bladder lines. This line if out of balance causes fear, anxiety and stress because our adrenals (glands which sit just above the kidneys) when in a state of imbalance are responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ mode of being. So when we do this wee exercise of placing our feet to Earth we stimulate this line and draw those negative electrons into our body which neutralise the unpaired electrons (free radicals) and help to restore balance.

So feet to earth, sit back … breath deep & look up … From microcosm to macrocosm …

Much love & happy earthing

Gem x