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Morning Pages

Ritual - Morning Pages

R I T U A L 

Every morning I have certain rituals I do: here is one of them ... Morning Pages are definitely part of my power hour. That time early when everyone is still sleeping and there is time and quiet to get all the stuff in my head out & clear space for the day. 

I am not precious with a journal or anything like that as I think this can become a limiting factor, it ties us up wanting to make things look pretty. I have a simple A4 lined cheap pad and I write 3 solid pages of everything that is on my mind or stuff that’s worrying me. No holds barred just simply pen to paper. 

It takes about 20 - 30 mins and usually by the third page I’m starting to write from negative to positive automatically... I think our brains work like this: we have to walk through the quagmire of our minds to find the light in our hearts. 

I never look back or reread those pages - I put them into a folder and eventually one day will burn them up. They are for no one else, they are immensely private and should remain that way. This privacy allows free rein and no fear in the writing & the letting go process. 

We hold onto so much stuff, most of which is entirely unconscious and can find its way deep into our tissues. In Ayurveda, therefore in Yoga dis-ease starts in the mind, so this a great way to ‘place’ it somewhere else. 

I learnt this from reading the #theartistway many years ago and sometimes I fall short and have a few months or weeks where I just do not make pen meet paper for myself and there is definitely a huge difference in my life when I don’t do it. I feel somewhat chaotic - if your feeling this way, give yourself this wee gift; time to sit and write privately to yourself. 

Commit to it for 7 days, 3 full pages a day and see how you feel? All you need is a cheap pad of A4 lined paper and a pen and 20/30 mins of quiet time where you will not be disturbed, if you can get up a little earlier in the mornings do that, as these pages work best when done in the morning. 

I can say for sure you will notice the difference just within a week. You’ll find more clarity and space, feel calmer and also grateful for all the things that are beautiful in your life. Ultimately you will also be freeing up your mind and therefore your body to allow in any positive changes you wish to manifest for yourself. First we must weed out the negative and use it as compost to help fertilise the soil for the seeds we wish to plant and grow. 

Do you have any rituals which have helped you in your own life? 

Much love 

Gem xox