Yoga 1-2-1


Learning yoga privately can be a transformational experience and is especially beneficial for those who cannot attend classes due to times / location or perhaps you need something more specific due to injury/illness. You will learn so much about your body and mind.

Our wellbeing should be of primary importance in our lives, however life has a way of taking over and before we know it we have left our own wellness on the back burner whilst we attend to our family and work needs.  That is until something happens and we are forced to take stock and really look at how we are taking care of ourselves. Taking stock usually happens when we have hit an all time low; our bodies and minds are tired, stressed out and dis-ease has settled in. The most important thing we can do at this moment is TAKE ACTION. Action to make a better plan which incorporates quality time with ourselves, in this body and yes even with a busy and hectic schedule. If we don’t have our health then what do we have?

When we practice yoga, we are giving our bodies and minds the opportunity to release old habitual patterns by bringing our awareness to the things which do not serve us living our best life. We begin to create new movement patterns, make healthier food choices and cultivate quality time for ourselves. This brings a sense of balance to our lives.

I have been teaching privately for many years now to a range of diverse clients with different needs. Ranging from; chronic back pain, anxiety, stress, depression, arthritis and injury. My approach is always student focused, creating bespoke sessions catered to the individual needs of each student based upon their current level of fitness, mobility, time and life style.

Sometimes what is best for the student is not always what they want to practice or learn. However, the wonderful thing with yoga is once the body and breath begins to move together in unison, the body and mind find their way into balance. Yoga is a transformative practice which will leave you feeling a sense of physical health and mental clarity.

I teach private 121 sessions either in the studio or at your home/office.


What to expect in our time together.


This is were we get to know each other. I will ask you lots of questions about your current lifestyle/health and fitness level. I will want to know about any injuries / illness which you have sustained. I will also ask you what you would like to get out of doing these private sessions. What is your goal? Your primary focus and drive? I will then ask you to make a series of movements depending on what you have told me and we will go from there to create together a yoga session which suits your current needs. The session will incorporate breath work, movement practice and meditation/mindfulness. 

Once your bespoke session has been created you will receive an email from me with a practice(s) to do at home before we meet again. YES, home practice is part of your transformation.

I like to plan for the future. So the goal is to look at ways in which we can work on making your session with me and your home practice sustainable and enjoyable over time. I want you to see and feel the transformation that yoga can bring to your life! We will build upon each session a practice which is truly tailored to your evolving strength, flexibility, mental clarity.


Contact me via email at [email protected] or you can call me directly on 07894 213107 to book. Our first session together will be 75 minutes.


~ At the studio / Glasgow Finnieston / Westend area:
60 minute session– £45
90 minute session – £65
x4 60 minute sessions £180
x4 90 minute sessions £260

~ Outwith the Glasgow areas above:
60 minute session– £55
90 minute session – £75
x4 60 minute sessions £220
x4 90 minute sessions £300


Gem Maryan Yoga
Phone: 07894 213107
Email: [email protected]