Spirals In Yoga

Spirals in Nature for Yoga


Connecting Yoga Practice with Spirals found in nature.

Nowhere in nature do we find straight lines. .

Spirals are everywhere; from the structure of our DNA to the collagen which forms the basis of our connective tissue, the fascial lines and even our bones grow in spirals. They can also be found everywhere from religious architecture and art to ferns, flowers, weather patterns and galaxies. Spirals are prevalent in nature.

When we do our practice, it helps to think of the body moving in these spirals. We can create whole sequences based on the spiral lines of the body. How can we move in a spiral around the muscles of the thigh, recognising the connection of our fascial system. 

We can apply spiral undulations to any style of yoga practice; from ashtanga, to vinyasa, to yin and restorative yoga. I like to use cat/cow and its many variations to enable students to enliven their spine before moving into yin yoga or vinyasa sequences. It is a very healthy movement pattern. I also use it as a visual when I do my Ashtanga practice and apply it to all vinyasa and asana I do. 

If you are a yoga teacher you will no doubt of seen these patterns in some very famous yogis and yoga practices; Vande Scaravelli, Anusara, Meghan Currie flows – you will notice one crucial element, they start and flow in spirals with cat/cow forming the basis of these flows.

Try to apply this to your own practice and you will see how enlivened your whole body will feel as you free up tight connective tissue, fascia and joints, enabling a free flow of energy, chi/prana, blood to moisten your tissues. 



Spirals In Yoga
Spirals In Yoga