Journaling through the 5 Sheaths (Koshas)

Yoga Journaling and the Koshas I wanted to share a journaling practice with you. It is a great practice to do daily and one I have incorporated into my own life for a few years now. Originally when journaling I was writing freestyle…which I still do. This freestyle was inspired by reading Julie Camerons book ‘The Artists Way” and doing her ‘morning pages’. A few years ago I wanted to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga and also to find some structure to help put those morning pages into a context which was practical and could offer more insight. a little […]

11 Yoga Journal Prompts For Deeper Insights

THE MAGIC & MESSINESS OF DAILY JOURNALING We have a lot of thoughts – 95% of which are repetitive and not all that useful. When we get this messiness down on paper we create space for clarity and insight. This is where journaling comes in, especially when we tie it with something we love to do; Yoga!! it’s a powerful way to bring a little more depth to our experiences both on and off the yoga mat. Just 5 mins of journaling before and after practice can have an incredible effect upon our lives … why? […]