The Dance of Duality – YIN / YANG

The dance of duality – the meaning in yin / yang The basic premise or meaning of yin / yang can be found in all areas of our day to day lives; We can find it in the simplest of forms; from a simple observation of a cell to the more expansive nature of the cosmos, from microcosm to macrocosm. Everything exists in what can appear to be a duality; of both positive and negative; yin and yang  If we observe light reflecting off an object, we see both the dark and the light. The […]

Yin Yoga 2 1/2 hour Class In glasgow

Yin Yoga Xmas Special 2.5 Hour Practice

Y I N  Y O G A  C L A S S  /  15th Dec  / 2- 4:30pm I am really excited to be running a lovely long Yin yoga practice. I apologise as it has been up on the schedule for some time but as always my admin skills run a little behind!! This class will be a lovely long dive into some long held poses for the whole body, especially the yin portion of the body …. yep you got it – THE HIPS 😉 Y I N   Y O G A […]

50 Hour Yin Teacher Training – NOW FULL!!

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Welcome to a quiet practice. Here you will learn the foundational elements of all things yin; including Philosophy, anatomy, asana, meditation, stillness and breath. This is a comprehensive 50 hour training course in Yin Yoga for yoga teachers and other disciplines such as pilates/fitness teachers, as well as bodywork specialists. You will receive 50 hours YACEP accreditation through the Yoga Alliance USA upon successful completion of this course. In order to receive these credits you must participate in the whole course, this includes homework that will need to be completed on […]

Yin Yoga & restorative yoga glasgow

YIN YOGA / RESTORATIVE YOGA … What is the difference?

YIN YOGA / RESTORATIVE YOGA … What is the difference?   This looks pretty easy right? try staying here for longer then 2 mins and you will see that Yin Yoga can be a bit deceiving.   A lot of the time Yin is treated like a restorative practice when it is not. It is quite demanding. Restorative yoga is different, it is about restoring an unhealthy / injured body back to normal health. The poses are similar to Yin yoga poses but more props are used to support the pose in order to restore […]