As you can most probably tell I love yoga! I love to practice daily, I love to teach. I find that watching students progress and transform physically, emotionally & spiritually gives me in abundance a deep satisfaction which I’ve never felt close to feeling in my many and varied career choices of the past! So it’s win win, (I hope ;)) all around. I also love to read, write and research which is why I’m now doing yoga trainings too. 

I believe that transformation occurs when we align our daily actions with the things which mean the most to us. 

We have unlimited energy and resources for the things we love to do … and looking deeply at our day to day will help to guide us on the journey to live more aligned with what we actually truly value and hold dear. 

This can make all the difference between living a so so life with snippets of grace to living a life which on a day to day basis we truly love, value and are abundantly grateful for. Now I’m not saying it’s all roses and spiritual love, but it definitely feels a lot closer to that than the former. 

Some important questions I’ve asked and continue to ask myself, & which maybe are questions to ask in your own life (especially if your stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed!) are; 

What do you notice you have the most energy and resources for? 

What do you perceive to be of great importance to you? I’m not talking social status here … or social ideals, I’m talking the deep stuff that perhaps you might be a bit embarrassed to say out loud for fear of judgment. Remember no one needs to know this stuff but you, & it’s important to get honest! I’ll give you an example in my own life; I value being recognised by my peers in the field of yoga …it actually means a lot to me! 

What actions need to be taken to bring more of what you truly value into your day to day life? 

How can you link the stuff you don’t like doing with the things which you truly love and which inspire you? 

What emotions come up when you start to get honest and think about implementing more of what you value into your day to day?

So get writing… I’m asking these again to better help me prepare for 2020 and I hope they help you too 😁

Happy practicing and journaling these

Much love

Gem x