Yin Yoga Sequence | Heart and Hips

Yin Yoga Sequence for the Heart and Hips

Yin Yoga for the weekend: Yin Sequence for Heart and Hips

Here is a lovely Yin yoga practice for you to enjoy. If you have never practiced yin before check out the class descriptions which will give you an idea of the benefits of yin yoga practice.

How to practice Yin Yoga

In Yin yoga we do longer holds than in other forms of yoga practice. I would recommend starting with 2 mins for each pose / 2 mins each side if there are two sides to do. Slowly build your practice time up over the coming weeks; each practice adding on an additional 30 seconds / 1 minute. Make sure to relax in the pose and use props such as pillows, blocks, blankets and cushions to help support your body. We do not want to force a yin pose, or we can injure the body. Keep it simple, go through each shape and adjust to make each shape work for you. Remember there is no right way to practice, just listen deeply to what is happening on the inside – in that body of yours ๐Ÿ™‚ it will guide you well. 

Yin Yoga Checklist

  • Use Props
  • Start with 2 mins and build up slowly
  • Do not force – gentle & passive
  • Adjust to appropriate depth and shape for you body
  • Relax
Gem Maryan Melting Heart Pose Yin Yoga

1) Melting Heart – What a pose. Here you will be opening the shoulders, put a blanket under your knees (๐Ÿ˜ฆwhat was I thinking??) Should you experience pinching around the lower back the pelvic floor and see if that helps to relieve it.

Sphinx Pose Yin Yoga

2) Sphinx – another shoulder pose – you might feel some heat here. Also again a nice lovely build up of compression in the the lower back (its the yin tissues we are working here: ligaments, tendons, joints, bones) they love a gentle pressure applied over longer periods of time to make them strong) obviously if pain arises then lower the upper body slightly and rest your forehead on your forearms. 

Deer Pose Yin Yoga Sequence

3) Deer Pose – This is a great alternative to Swan / Pigeon especially if you feel discomfort around the knees or it is too intense for the hips. Sit on a block or place a pillow on the bent knee side of the buttocks; this will create some space in the pelvis for that back leg (which is internally rotated) Support under the knee and use a bolster or cushions if too much weight falls into the arms.

Yin Yoga Sequence Childs pose

4) Childs Pose – Need I say more?!. If this is not accessible to you because of knee issues; you can lay on your back and hug your knees to your chest or lay on your side in a fetus shape and hug in. Focus the breath deep into the lower back – imagine it expanding with each inhale, with each exhale allow feel the support of the floor.

Twisted Roots Yin Yoga

5) Twisted Roots – Twists are incredibly therapeutic for the spine and nervous system. Do a twist which feels right for you… support under the knees or in-between the knees so the opposite shoulder can relax to the floor / alternatively support the shoulder with some blankets or cushions.

R E L A X – you deserve it ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Join me for a Yin yoga class online every Monday and Friday evening at 6:15 – 7:30pm BST. Alternatively why not come down to the studio and join me in person for a class. Two Sundays of the month join me for an online 2 hour Yin yoga soak 4 -6pm; Check out the schedule for the next Yin Dive.

If you are a yoga teacher or student who would like to take their yin practice to a deeper level of practice, join me for Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online or In person.