Journaling through the 5 Sheaths (Koshas)

Yoga Journaling and the Koshas I wanted to share a journaling practice with you. It is a great practice to do daily and one I have incorporated into my own life for a few years now. Originally when journaling I was writing freestyle…which I still do. This freestyle was inspired by reading Julie Camerons book ‘The Artists Way” and doing her ‘morning pages’. A few years ago I wanted to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga and also to find some structure to help put those morning pages into a context which was practical and could offer more insight. a little […]

Stress or Stretch – Yin Yoga

Beyond Fascia Yin yoga works with the fascial system and it is a great practice for those experiencing tightness as the fascia wraps around the entire body and our muscle cells are encased within this tissue; when these tissues become dehydrated they shrink and become tight. It is Interstitial fluid (ECM) which the cells are imbedded within (fills the spaces between cells / tissues are clusters of cells) which helps to create a moist environment, promoting hydration which helps to facilitate the smooth glide of the fascial fibres. Stress or Stretch? However stretching fascial tissue […]

How to use the Neti Pot

Ayurveda Morning Practices: The Neti Pot In this short video I demonstrate how to use a Neti Pot for nasal cleansing. It is a really good practice to do before doing pranayama (breath work) and will really help to invigorate your morning routine. Some simple practices worth doing every morning in accordance with your dosha. Morning routines for an invigorating start to your day: Wake up before the sun comes up. Drink a full glass of warm or room temperature water. Clean your face, mouth, and nasal passages and scrape your tongue (you can use […]

Morning Pages

Morning Pages

R I T U A L  Every morning I have certain rituals I do: here is one of them … Morning Pages are definitely part of my power hour. That time early when everyone is still sleeping and there is time and quiet to get all the stuff in my head out & clear space for the day.  I am not precious with a journal or anything like that as I think this can become a limiting factor, it ties us up wanting to make things look pretty. I have a simple A4 lined cheap […]

11 Yoga Journal Prompts For Deeper Insights

THE MAGIC & MESSINESS OF DAILY JOURNALING We have a lot of thoughts – 95% of which are repetitive and not all that useful. When we get this messiness down on paper we create space for clarity and insight. This is where journaling comes in, especially when we tie it with something we love to do; Yoga!! it’s a powerful way to bring a little more depth to our experiences both on and off the yoga mat. Just 5 mins of journaling before and after practice can have an incredible effect upon our lives … why? […]

Get Connected – Earthing

Get connected with earthing How are you guys? If your struggling right now with disturbed sleep and intense dreams, or maybe even insomnia over the events happening globally its really important to get outside, take your shoes off and place the souls of your feet onto soil and grass! …Earth. Why? Because the Earth is full of negative charged electrons which help neutralise electro pollution from our environment and reduces inflammation in the body caused by free radicals. It’s not pseudoscience… it’s physics!! Power of connecting … If done for just 15 mins a day […]


TRANSFORMATION As you can most probably tell I love yoga! I love to practice daily, I love to teach. I find that watching students progress and transform physically, emotionally & spiritually gives me in abundance a deep satisfaction which I’ve never felt close to feeling in my many and varied career choices of the past! So it’s win win, (I hope ;)) all around. I also love to read, write and research which is why I’m now doing yoga trainings too.  I believe that transformation occurs when we align our daily actions with the things […]

Gem Maryan Yoga

Yoga Practice and facing challenge

THE CHALLENGE I deeply love this practice. It has been my rock, keeping me on track many a time. It’s not easy, it’s very challenging most of the time. The mind will say it’s impossible & perhaps elements are, they arise and lead us to doubt or over exaggerate our abilities However, the mind is the biggest challenge of all to overcome – all our conditioning, all the stories we hear about ourselves from outside and from within, they arise and lead us to doubt or over exaggerate our abilities. THOUGHTS – EMOTIONS – BELIEFS – […]

Spirals In Yoga

Spirals in Nature for Yoga

  Connecting Yoga Practice with Spirals found in nature. Nowhere in nature do we find straight lines. . Spirals are everywhere; from the structure of our DNA to the collagen which forms the basis of our connective tissue, the fascial lines and even our bones grow in spirals. They can also be found everywhere from religious architecture and art to ferns, flowers, weather patterns and galaxies. Spirals are prevalent in nature. When we do our practice, it helps to think of the body moving in these spirals. We can create whole sequences based on the […]

Yin Yoga Sequence | Heart and Hips

Yin Yoga Sequence for the Heart and Hips

Yin Yoga for the weekend: Yin Sequence for Heart and Hips Here is a lovely Yin yoga practice for you to enjoy. If you have never practiced yin before check out the class descriptions which will give you an idea of the benefits of yin yoga practice. How to practice Yin Yoga In Yin yoga we do longer holds than in other forms of yoga practice. I would recommend starting with 2 mins for each pose / 2 mins each side if there are two sides to do. Slowly build your practice time up over […]