Yoga for Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

I offer different yoga types and class options for those completely new to yoga. 

Yin Yoga for beginners:

Yin yoga is great for those looking for a slow, simple start to their yoga journey. Yin Yoga is a soft and passive practice that helps to calm the mind and stretch the body.

Yin Yoga is suitable for all levels and is enjoyed by all levels of students. Yin works to release the tensions held in the deeper connective tissues of the body; the joints, ligaments and fascia, so you will feel nice and stretched after class. 

Beginners are recommended to attend the Friday 6:15 - 7:15pm pm Yin yoga classes. 

Ashtanga Yoga for beginners:

Ashtanga yoga is a great option for beginners who would like to try a more dynamic form of yoga. Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process which produces internal heat and a purifying sweat which detoxifies muscles and organs.

As well as led Ashtanga Classes, where teachers like myself call out the postures you should move into, you can also choose to do Mysore self-practice.

Mysore self-practice involves practicing at your own pace, with the teacher on hand to give personalised help and adjustments. 


Complete beginners to Mysore are taught the sun salutations and then the first few postures of the standing sequence. When they have learnt this, the teacher adds a new posture when he or she feels you have memorised the sequence so far and you are competent (in so far as you can ever be competent) in it.

I teach a level 1 beginners Ashtanga yoga class on Tuesday 7:30pm - 8:45pm and two Mysore classes a week; Thursday 5:15pm - 7:15pm Beginners are recommended to drop in from 6pm. Sunday 10am - 12pm Beginners are recommended to drop in from 11am.

Alongside the up-coming events for beginners to yoga below, I hold regular online classes suitable for those just starting or who want to try yoga firstly in the privacy of their home! You can view my online classes by clicking on the Yoga Online.
If you would prefer to start your practice on a 121 basis then I am also available for private sessions starting from £45 per hour.

If you have any questions about getting started with yoga, I'd love to hear them so get in touch.

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